New site, new games, same acrid taste!

We've ported over all the good stuff from BIG Bad Spanish and we're starting fresh.


Whoosh Hee! That’s the sound of 2017 zipping by my unbrushed head and pausing to giggle at my bald spot.

Busy times but fruitful. Our Giphy channel tells the tale really. Man that app/site has become indispensable to us over the past year.

Woodland Run

We’re so close I can smell the singed bear bum hair. It’s been an interesting process and we’ve both learned lots. We’re releasing it in a few different languages too, including Irish.


Woodland Run is just weeks away from launch and we should be announcing a new title soon which will drop more names than a wonky Rolodex.

Let’s end the madness of migration

Like many prominent world leaders right now, we too are sick of the scourge of migration.

Migration of CMS’s that is! We were both posting on BIG Bad Spanish with great frequency but the abrupt stop was caused by two factors.

Firstly, we always knew we had to move all the gamedev stuff to a gamedev site at some stage... Abban whinging about Unity doesn’t fit on a language learning site. Me gushing about Affinity Designer does of course though.

And secondly: We used for BIG Bad Spanish. But one morning after they released an update we experienced a silly problem. Lato webfont rendered with no spaces. 

Textlooked likethis.

After contacting their Support and then directly on Twitter their response riled us both. So with our puffy red cheeks streaked with tears we scooped up our football and waddled away from in a huff to the welcoming arms of Craft.

So far I much prefer Craft over Prismic. It moves at twice the speed.

Too Legit to...

Another milestone for us was ‘incorporating’ and getting all set up as a real company. It’s a long story but we chose Ireland in the end. We had Spain, Germany, Malta and Ireland as candidates. 

Right, on with the show.


Bob @clamnuts

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Woodland Run is now available on iOS and Android.

Woodland Run Available on the App Store Woodland Run Available on the Play Store