Get Adobe Creative Cloud cheap

Get Adobe Creative Cloud subscription at a half price discount. Save 50% by talking to Customer Support about cancelling.


In 2013 Adobe moved all their apps to a subscription service known as Creative Cloud.

I thought this move was great because like many I was running cracked versions of several Adobe apps and genuinely didn't like doing so for both moral and reliability reasons.

The opportunity to go legit and get ALL Adobe apps for just €60 per month was more than appealing. And it heralded a new era of me actively learning new tools like After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Muse and Edge. It was great.

Then after a while the romance began to falter...the Creative Cloud installer app became a pleading and truculent mistress...massive updates and repeated re-installations through a painfully slow rural Spanish connection.

The main design apps - Photoshop and Illustrator became so slow, bloated and increasingly out of touch compared to newer apps like Sketch and Affinity Designer/Photo.

But the real clincher came when I gave up my day job to work on the game last summer. I needed to drastically cut monthly outgoings...that €60 per month along with other recurring charges all had to be reconsidered.

Another thing: Adobe bought then closed DollarPhotoClub to push us towards their own stock photo service which is now annoyingly shoved in front of you everyday through the CC app.

Financial fears aside, for the first time since my teens I had a summer and I enjoyed many sloppy days here in Spain and in Italy, barely doing any work and in turn not using my Creative Cloud subscription at all.

It would have been nice to be able to pause it.

I opted for the yearly subscription not the month to month plan (which you can cancel at any time). Cancelling my plan would result in a massive 50% of my ¨remaining contract obligation¨ so I sat tight and resolved to either cancel completely or wait, cancel and switch to the monthly plan so I could selectively switch it and off during slow months.

My subscription recurred tomorrow 14th January 2017 so I contacted them today.

How to get Adobe Creative Cloud cheaper: I got a 50% discount from €60 per month to €36 per month

Please note: I´m sure they have some caps on this and perhaps if you are a newer customer or using the monthly plan it will not work. I have been paying for the annual Creative Cloud plan since 2013. And my dick move of sharing this info pales compared to their scummy cancellation penalties.

Step 1

Go to here , read the T&C's and sign into your Adobe Account.

Step 2

Under Plans & Products, click Manage and then Cancel Plan.

Step 3

So here we begin to see the open secret...the pop up says that you may get an offer by starting a Live Chat.


Step 4

Tell the person you are speaking with that you need to cancel because it is too expensive for you.

I was left waiting about 3 to 5 minutes in between each exchange as they ¨reviewed my account¨ but soon it bad English...The 50% offer.

All in all it took about 20 to 25 minutes.


Can a professional designer cancel Adobe Creative Cloud? What apps are included in Adobe Creative Cloud and what are the non-subscription alternatives?

These are the main apps included in Adobe CC:

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro - can be replaced by Preview on the Mac.

Adobe After Effects CC - The industry standard motion graphics app which for me can't be replaced really...closest contender is Motion but I have so many decent AE tools and plugins that I just can't see it happening.

Adobe Audition CC - I use this audio editing app a lot but there are loads of alternatives like Audacity which is free.

Adobe Dreamweaver - This is a horribly bloated html editor, Adobe's version of Front Page. It doesn't weave dreams, it weaves pure nightmares. There are many better options such as Sublime Text, Atom or Visual Studio Code. - Abban.

Adobe Edge - HTML5 animation...I use Tumult Hype and Google Web Designer for banners

Adobe Fireworks - Photoshop's little moron cousin. Kill it.

Adobe Flash CC - I am genuinely sad to see it go but Flash is dying a death. It´s demise has been another reason I needed to get out of CC subscription. No alternatives.

Adobe Illustrator CC - Meh...Today Photoshop can do most things which were once the exclusive domain of Illustrator but both together are blithering senile aunts compared to Affinity Designer/Photo and Sketch

Adobe InDesign - aka Kryptonite the Lame. I hate this app so much. Hated QuarkXpress more though. Serif are developing Affinity Publisher which should really shake things up in the print and design world.

Adobe Muse CC - This is a really good tool. You can make decent websites for desktop and mobile without any coding.

Adobe Premiere - Boring video editing app. You can probably get away with iMovie and Handbrake (brilliant free conversion app) for most video editing jobs these days.

Adobe Prelude - something to do with video editing. Kill it.

Adobe Speedgrade - something to do with Prelude.

Adobe Scout - I defy you to read this page and figure out what exactly this app is for. No idea.

Another reason which helped spur me and most probably tens of thousands of other pro designers into considering pulling the plug….

Presenting Adobe Cringe CC

This is Adobe´s keynote speaker Jason Levine stirring a bemused crowd up into a cringe making singalong about Creative Cloud. Our subscriptions paid for this. This said a lot to Adobe’s target audience professional designers or casual, bovine accounts-payable types who clap, sing along and chug the Kool Aid?

There’s a lot more money in catering to businesses accounts than individual subscribers.

Well next year they will be down €360 from me at least.

Vote with your feet. Try the 50% cancellation but most importantly try other apps. Show Adobe that there is no monopoly and they need to focus on the basics like getting PS to open faster.

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are two flat fee apps which surpass Adobe in many ways. There are also many free alternatives to Photoshop for lightweight tasks. Russia as always seems to be ahead of the pack!




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