Trivia agus leagan Gaeilge?

Cabhrú!...or is 'cabhair'? That's the problem, we need help!


That's the Language menu in Woodland Run and yep, that's Gaeilge.

We decided to localise the game into Irish a couple of months ago and were confident in our ability to translate basic UI and Menu stuff. That was then. Woodland Run now has an impressive new gameplay feature where you must solve riddles and answer trivia questions.

My Irish skills are terrible despite working with the Irish language comics Ri-Ra and Ruaille Buaille for years. Below is one of my Minecraft strips but I write them in English then Aidan the editor gives me back crisp and clean Irish.


So we need two things:

1) Help writing Irish trivia. You don't need to provide these in Irish. We have two question types:

True or False: Bosco is a girl. 

True or False: Tayto Park is in Co. Wicklow. 

Text entry where the player types the answer: Name the Eurovision winner who is also part of the X-men. Answer: LOGAN

2) Irish translation of trivia questions (or just supply them in Irish if you can), translation of our press release and general translation and spell checking.

So if you can lend a "lámh" please get in touch by mail or get us on Twitter. This is a voluntary thing by the way, we can't pay anybody for this.


Below is a little preview of the game to give you an idea of the feel of it.


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Woodland Run is now available on iOS and Android.

Woodland Run Available on the App Store Woodland Run Available on the Play Store