Spanish language version of Breaking Bad


A few people sent me the trailer for "Metástasis," the Spanish language version of Breaking Bad expecting my reaction and I honestly didn’t know how to reply...

I have a confession to make.

I’ve never watched Breaking Bad (also never seen Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Walking Dead etc)

I know...I’m sure many recoil in horror the way I do when people admit to have never seeing Back to the Future or Ghostbusters.

Well I did try to watch Breaking Bad.

I watched most of the first series but just couldn’t get into it. I love Brian Cranston from Malcom in the Middle and from what I saw of his performance as Walter White really was great but its the rest of the cast that turned me off.

The wife, his son, his partner in crime...all instantly annoying and not believable. ( I since learned that the son is played by a real MS sufferer or whatever but he’s still not convincing!)

So after seeing the preview of the Spanish version of Breaking Bad my reaction isn’t derisive.

I might watch it!

It definitely has a hint of a telenovela about it but thats not a bad thing. Although Colombian Walter seems to wearing a joke shop wig.

So if you are one of the few people like me who hasn’t watched the original maybe its better to try the Spanish language version of Breaking Bad; you can learn Spanish at the same time.

Or I suppose if you are a super fan of Breaking Bad you might want to check it out and see where the Colombian version differs to the original AND see if you can learn some Spanish. I see there are some plot differences.

I have to go...I have 10 years of TV to catch up on.

But my VHS is broken.

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