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Our Projects

BIG Bad Spanish - Learn Spanish through humiliating immersion 

Woodland Run - One-touch endless arcade maze runner

The Bear's Black Heart - Roguelike Game Jam Success


Big Bad Studios was founded by Abban Dunne and Bob Byrne. Our games sort of fall into three clumps; Didactic, Casual and Experimental.

The BIG Bad series (starting with BIG Bad English and BIG Bad Spanish) are language learning games where you learn through a mix of humiliating immersion and confronting characters with difficult accents and personalities.

We love casual stuff too. Our first mobile game is Woodland Run; a single tap vertical scroller with a little bit of ‘choose your own adventure’ mixed in.

Experimental? We’re developing a game where you catch Pokemon with your phone. Nah, only messing!

Like a lot of indie studios our game engine of choice is Unity 3D, and we use Affinity Designer for most of our illustration and Spine for animation. We're pretty much a 2D house.


Bob Byrne

I’m from Dublin, Ireland but now I live in Southern Spain. My background is in publishing and product development. I write and draw comics for 2000AD and have a new graphic novel in production. I created the Dr. Moku series of apps and these have been adopted by educational institutions all over the world.

Favourite games: R-Type, Bomberman, Minecraft, Parappa.

Abban Dunne

I'm from the very south east tip of Ireland (if you imagine Ireland is shaped like a koala then look for the little poo it's squeezing out, that's my hometown). I have a science degree in multimedia programming which included web software technologies, system design, front and back end development. I can code in a few programming languages but mostly work in PHP and C#. For the past few years I've been learning game design and development techniques, animation and a little 3D modelling. I am very passionate about pizza.

Favourite game: The Galaga loading screen game in Tekken.
Greatest achievement in life: I played Snow Bros in the arcade so much I could beat it without losing a life.